Putsch® SVP 950

The Putsch® SVP 950 is built for production. This saw is ideal for a shop that needs to cut multiple panels at once, but is not ready (or able) to step up to a horizontal beam saw. The 12-inch blade is powered by a 7.5 hp self-braked, UL-compliant motor, offering 3 inches of clearance for sheet stacking.

The Putsch® SVP 950 frame offers over 17 feet for the cutting length (5300 mm), long enough to handle the longest panel. The automatic shifting grid is moved using a wear-resistant inductive motor. There are two ergonomically shaped handles for comfortable movement of the saw assembly and the assembly features an insertion assist arm to help with the plunging of the saw head on taller panels. Standard features include a full-length mid-grid support shelf, a low-level flipstop for small and heavy materials and a repeat horizontal strip cutting device. The saw is also available in an automatic version for increase production efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Model Max. Cut Height Max. Trimming Height Max. Cut Length Max. Cut Depth Motor HP Blade Diameter Blade (RPM)
SVP 950 6' 11"
7' 2"
17' 5"
7.5 hp 11.8"