Options and Accessories

Options and Accessories

TRK Dust Extraction System

Mounted on the right side of the support panel and continuously vacuums dust into the extraction filter while the saw is in operation. When connected to a separate dust collector, the Putsch® TRK-value is less than 1 ppm (2 mg/m3).

TRK vacuum dust remover

Putsch® ECO Dust Extraction System

Designed with ultra-fine dust in mind, the system consists of a series of high airflow vacuum channels within the support panel that feature automatic pneumatically controlled valves. Perfect for plaster board, gypsum and drywall.

ECO Dust exhaust system

Retractable Middle Support Rail

This horizontal rail extends almost the full length of the machine to allow the operator to cut smaller materials at an ergonomically-friendly working height. An optional secondary support rail can be added to the right side of the work surface to offer a lower working height for difficult to handle pieces.

Middle support rail can be retracted for difficult cuts

Inclined-Cut Support Arm

Available to assist in cutting smaller pieces in angular shapes. This attachment can be installed on the frame in a few simple steps and can be adjusted in 5° degree increments with a patented 22.5° setting.

Angular support attachment

Digital Measuring Displays (Horizontal and/or Vertical)

Easy to read digital displays that accurately reflect units of measure. Available in standard and metric displays.

Digital display for accurate measuring both horizontally and vertically

Horizontal Strip Cutting Jig

This simple device allows you to make repeat accurate horizontal cuts.

Horizontal jig for cutting strips

Sliding Support Brace

This sliding support holds narrow materials securely and at a safer working height.

Secure panel with sliding support brace
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