PKF NG Filtration Systems for the Sugar Industry
Sibomat Screen Filters
Features, technical data, and filtration schematics for high performance Candle(HKF) and Frame Filters (HRF)
Full brochure, technical data, operating schematic, photos and illustrations of the Putsch® Jet Wash Roller Table (JWRT).
Technical data, schematic options, photos, and illustrations of belt and drum type rock catchers
Technical data for Cleaning, Sorting, Straightening, Grinding, Pre- & Final-sharpening and Washing Machines.
Membrane Filter Presses, Carbonatation, Sibomat Screen Filter, Candle Filters, Centrifugal Screens, Sugar Elevators
For the determination of the filterability of slurry
Full brochure + technical data for for filter press Type 250, 400, 470, 630, 800, 400, PKF 140
Features and improvements of Routers and Fraisers
Mechanically precleans the flume water stream by separating mineral and organic matter.
Cossette production with Putsch® slicing systems TSM series drum slicers
1-page beet knife flier
Continuous + Batch Centrifugals, Double Bridge + Wire Mesh Backing Screens, Rotary Vacuum Filter + Pulp Press Screens
Mobile beet processor for washing and stone removal
Stationary Beet Processing for washing, stone removal, chipping and mashing
Beet Preparation for Bio-Energy (Stone Removal, Washing)
Large multi-paged diagram of the beet sugar production schematic
High Performance Candle Filters
A brochure of the new Putsch Chipmaster sugar beet chipper for processing Feed Beets and other root vegetables.
Stord® International AS is the premier supplier of twin screw presses worldwide.
Highlights Putsch® on-site twin screw press services including spindle inspection, flight refurbishing and gearbox inspection.