We’re here for you. Anytime.

When you call Putsch®, you will be directed to a real person. Every time. This is part of our culture: to keep our customers out of voice-mail jail and to answer questions personally and handle requests swiftly. Contact us anytime. Normal business hours are from 8am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time

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Customer Service

Phone 828.684.0671 x120
Fax 828.684.4894
Jeanne West
customerservice [at] putschusa [dot] com

Parts + Supply Chain

Phone 828.684.0671 x112
Cell 828.335.5658
Olav Seimer
oseimer [at] putschusa [dot] com


Phone 828.684.0671 x113
Cell 828.279.1191
Jon E. DeBuvitz
jdebuvitz [at] putschusa [dot] com

Filtration + Separation

Phone 828.684.0671 x113
Cell 828.279-1191
or 828.335.5658
info [at] putschusa [dot] com


Phone 828.684.0671 x114
Cell 828.301.4186
Henning Wedemeyer
hwedemeyer [at] putschusa [dot] com

Saw Division

Phone 828.684.0671 x143
Cell 828.275.0959
J. Robert Tate
rtate [at] putschusa [dot] com

PO BOX 5128 Asheville, NC 28813
Phone 828.684.0671
Toll free 800.847.8427
Fax 828.684.4894
Electronic mail: info [at] putschusa [dot] com