Hands-on service to optimize the process for your sugar, sweetener and biofuel facility

Putsch® takes a hands-on, holistic approach to optimizing your facility in order to maximize the positive and avoid the negative downstream impacts. We’re able to do this because we have the innovative human capital in-house: sugar process engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and programmers working together, covering each aspect to evaluate and anticipate what could change downstream.

We know your entire operation to prevent it from going up the creek.

Our integrated team provides turnkey, full service product engineering. We specialize in customized studies, pilot tests, process optimization, planning, engineering, delivery, installation, start-up services, staff instruction/training, and on-going maintenance. Engineer consultants help customers with planning new installations or retrofitting existing ones. We also can run pilot tests to show how Putsch® integrates its products into your factory and what results to expect.

We serve:

Putsch® also knows biofuels processing such as:

For more information on our technologies and planning, please contact Engineering.