Skilled artisans know that superior tools are essential for superior work. That is why Putsch® stands as the most trusted name in glassmaker’s tools. The most prominent, internationally renowned glassblowing studios and artists in North America choose Putsch®.

Our craftsmanship is rooted in the rich history of German and Italian glassmaking. Quality materials are handmade into premium tools ideal for a wide range of applications. We make most of our glassblowing tools in the United States, with a few imported from our subsidiary in Italy, like the famous Meniconi Shears.

When your craft demands something more, Putsch® provides design customization to suit unique specifications. We also can repair and upgrade glassblowing tools—any kind, any brand.

Learn more now: contact Sales or go to our Downloads page to review specific lengths and diameters of the glassblowing tools below.

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