The Putsch® Group has been offering panel processing solutions for over 60 Years. Our SVP Series Vertical Panel Saws, ALUCENTER Vertical CNC Router, VANTAGE Horizontal Beam Saw and newly-introduced EBP Series Compact Edgebanders are built to exacting specifications so our customers can create high-quality parts. 

Every European made machine is built to to UL/CSA norms and is supported from our sales and technical center in Asheville, North Carolina and through our national network of knowledgable dealers and skilled technicians. Putsch® maintains a robust inventory of machines and OEM spare parts at our Asheville and Sacramento (machines only) warehouses. 


Vertical wood panel sawBy design vertical panel saws offer space-saving and safety benefits that cannot be matched by sliding panel saws, and we believe that Putsch® Group builds the best vertical panel saw on the market. Every PUTSCH® SVP SERIES featues a fully-welded monolithic steel frame with a 4" inch bottom tube for unparelled durability, stability and cutting accuracy (10 mm / 1 meter). Our self-braking motors are "made for America" UL/CSA registered, not the European CE motors offered by competitors. Putsch® offers multiple model configurations, features and add-ons for tremendous adaptability and functionality.


SVP 133/145

Classic, highly adaptable model series for all sheet types and budget

SVP 320/420

Motorized twin-blade scoring and THK linear guides for premium quality cuts

SVP 950

3" cutting depth for stack cutting capability

SVP 980 A/T

Fully automatic vertical panel saw with touchscreen access to controls, cut lists and manuals


SVP 1080 Vertical Panel Saw for thick glassThe Putsch® SVP 1080 vertical glass saw is uniquely designed to cut and miter bulletproof, hurricane impact, fire-rated, soundproof and other multi-laminated glass and marble slabs. Using a diamond blade and water-based coolant system, the SVP 1080 is the best way to make straight cuts on glass from 10 to 70 mm thick. The saw can be implemented into an existing direct water supply and floor system, or a fabricated water reclamation tank (with side-mounted pump) for the machine to sit in.


SVP 1080 Wet cut, automatic vertical saw for glass 10-70 mm thick.

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