EBP Edgebanders

The Putsch® EBP Edgebander Series is our family of compact edgebanders made specifically with small to medium sized workshops in mind. Our mission is to offer a high-quality edgebander that offers tremendous production value at an affordable price, while also ensuring that our customers receive tremendous support and spare part availability from our technical center in Asheville, North Carolina.

The European-built machines utilize a heavy steel base for stability and quality banding application. All of our edgebanders feature a Teflon-coated glue pot for easy cleaning. With the exception of our entry-level EBP 320 (belt feed) the chain-feed EBP Series uses a specially-designed conveyor system that virtually eliminates panel movement along the edge during the work process.

Whether the choice is the simple to use EBP 320, the EBP 420 with room to add scrape and buff, the EBP 950 with pre-mill and/or corner-rounding, the EBP 980 for thick edgebanding (up to 10 mm), or the stand-along PCR corner-rounder – the Putsch EBP Series is a terrific solution to consider for your panel processing needs. Contact us today for more information.

Putsch EBP 320

EBP 320

The EBP 320 is a simple edgebander that is a welcome addition in any small workshop.  This highly compact unit is capable of handling 0-1-2 mm thick edgebanding and is made for fast start-up with a quick-heating glue pot.

Putsch EBP 420

EBP 420

The EBP 420 is our most popular compact edgebander because it combines the simplicity of the EBP 320 with additional space for edge scraping, glue scraping and/or buffing operations.

Putsch EBP 950

EBP 950

The EBP 950 is our most flexible edgebander with enough space in the chassis for the complement of scraping, spray and buffing operations. This model can be offered with pre-mill and/or corner rounding in a highly compact footprint.

Putsch EBP 980

EBP 980

The EBP 980 is built for thicker edgebanding and wooden strips. The base version is capable of handling up to 5 mm thick and a special version allows up to 10 mm thick banding, including rounded edges. A pre-mill version is available.