Open House Feb. 2020

You are formally invited to Putsch® & Company, Inc.’s open house event on Thursday, February 20th and Friday, February 21st, 2020.

Attendees will enjoy:

  • An inside look at our beautiful Asheville, NC location
  • Detailed demonstrations and presentations by our partners
  • Showings of our new Kopernic CNC Vertical
  • A sneak peak of our new line of machines being released in January of 2020, Putsch® by Vitap
  • A view of our updated line of Edgebanders, Putsch® by Casadei
  • A Meet-and-Greet for all dealers will be on the evening of Wednesday, February 19th
  • Thursday the 20th will be for dealers only
  • Dinner for all dealers on the evening of Thursday, February 20th
  • Friday, February 21st is for dealers and all customers wishing to make a purchase

Featured Products:

  • SVP Panel Saws
  • Vantage 95 Beam Saw
  • Kopernic CNC Vertical
Putsch® by Casadei
  • EBP-320
  • EBP-420-PMVR
  • EBP-950-PMCR
  • EBP-980-PM
  • PCR Corner Rounder
Putsch K2 2.0 CNC
Putsch® by Vitap
  • K2 2.0 CNC
  • Eclipse Edgebander
  • Blitz 2.0
  • Acoustic