Freeform X-Y-Z Movement - Alucenter 4016 by Putsch® MeniconiFig. 1: Freeform X-Y-Z MovementThe Alucenter 4016 Vertical CNC Center offers fabricators a space-saving solution to cut, groove and drill composite panels. Built using a robust monolithic steel frame for vibration-free X-Y-Z movement, the machine can shape and create parts precisely and safely. After placing a sacrificial MDF panel (provided by customer) onto the grooved work surface, five user-selected vacuum zones hold the material securely to the work surface throughout the entire process.

The easy to use CAM 2D allows for on-board optimization and will also accept pre-optimized cut list from a desktop client. The operator workstation features a generous 22" LCD color screen, as well as USB and Ethernet ports.

Monolithic Steel Frame of the Alucenter 4016 by Putsch® MeniconiFig. 2: Monolithic Steel FrameThe operator work area is protected by a safety cage with a light barrier that will stop operation if anything enters the work zone during operation. The vacuum will automatically seal so material and parts remain safely adhered to the vertical work surface.

The standard 13' ft. long work surface can handle most standard sheets with ease. If more work area is needed, the machine length can be extended or an optional side loading tray can be attached.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specs
Work Surface Area X – 13' ft. 1" in. (4000 mm)
Y – 5’ ft. 3” in. (1600 mm)
Z – ~2” in. (50 mm)
Axis Speed (ft. per min.) X – 114.84 ft/min
Y – 49.22 ft/min
Z – 32.81 ft/min
Electric Spindle 5 1/3 hp / 24,000 rpm
(ISO 30 Cone)
Vacuum 147.14 cfm (250 m3/h)
Voltage 400V / 3 ph / 50 Hz
Net Weight 5070 lbs.
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